FOI Request - MIT-2013-00084 Any and all expense records and taxpayer costs for the Premier's 2013 Asian trade mission and for any other meetings, meals, outings, appearances, accommodation, travel and any other expenses the Premier had during the seven days preceding and following the trade mission including expense records/costs for anyone accompanying and/or meeting with the Premier; All receipts, invoices and expense reports showing expenditures for air and ground travel, accommodation, food and beverage, entertainment, gifts, telephone and internet, medical services and cleaning/washing/mending or other clothing-related expenses. Time frame is November 13, 2013 to December 10, 2013 inclusive. FOI Request FOI Request 2014-09-30 International Trade 9 2014 D53707914A_Response_Letter_MIT-2013-00084.PDF D53707814A_Response_Records_MIT-2013-00084.PDF Political Party $0.00