FOI Request - TRA-2016-65250 A complete copy of the following, including all schedules, exhibits, annexes, each amendment, modification, supplement, restatement, novation and/or replacement of any of these documents: Park use permit 1506 dated September 13, 1984, between Her Majesty the Queen in Right of the Province of British Columbia – the Province - and Cypress Bowl Recreations Limited Partnership - the Permittee - in relation to certain commercial operations within Cypress Provincial Park – the Permit; The service contract dated November 5, 1986 between the Province and the Permittee; The road clearing contract dated September 13, 1984 between the Province and the Permittee; The surrender agreement dated November 5, 1986 between the Province and the Permittee; The interim agreement referred to in the definition of Commencement Date in section 1.01 of the Permit; Any other contract or agreement between the Province and the Permittee or any of its affiliates or any of their successors, related to or in connection with the Permit or the commercial operations of the Permittee or its affiliates in Cypress Provincial Park. (Date Range for Record Search: From 01/01/1984 To 12/22/2016) FOI Request FOI Request 2017-03-20 Transportation and Infrastructure 3 2017 Response_Letter_TRA-2016-65250.pdf Response_Package_TRA-2016-65250.pdf Individual $0.00